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    Question Fly fishing for coarse fish

    This is more of an investigation than a question, if you see what I mean. It has only come to my attention recently that this is done. I have been fishing, mainly commercials, for just over two years and have tried my hand at float, feeder, and pole fishing as well as a few friendly matches. I am not a 'Matchman'. I don't mind having a go but I just do not have that competitive drive that most of the guys seem to have. I am more of a 'day by the water with fishing' sort of angler.

    I fancy the idea of fly fishing, and to be fair, it is the entomology and fly-tying that attracts me as much as the fishing. I also like the idea of fishing light.

    What I have in mind is to try may hand at fly fishing for coarse fish at still water venues, if that is at all practical.

    I have no idea what gear to look at or what I really need to get going. Looking at information on the net is confusing to me as I am not familiar with the terminology. For example, I assume '8wt' for a rod means 8-weight (?) but I have no idea what that means and if that is for me. I also have no idea about line or hook size.

    As I say this in just an investigation at the moment, I have ordered a book about Coarse Fly Fishing that was recommended to me but I was just looking for some basics so I might have a starting point.

    Hmmm... Where did that one go?

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    Default Re: Fly fishing for coarse fish

    Hi Ralph,
    Fly fishing for coarse fish is good fun on occasions - particularly in the summer when fish are topping all over the place except where your bait is!

    A couple of words of caution though:

    Many coarse fisheries don't approve of 'fluff-chucking' on H&S grounds - as it requires a degree of care and diligence to make sure you don't damage other anglers!
    Similarly they often have a background of trees to shelter the banks - which can make the backcast a little tricky!

    None of your existing tackle is likely to be suitable -apart from net - so you'll need to re-equip - could be expensive but needn't be - e.g. an Airflo starter kit will cost about £55 - a 9' AFTM 6-7 rod and reel with flies and sunglasses will be adequate to get you going - and since it's a 4-piece will fit easily into your boot 'just-in-case'.

    Tight lines!

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    Default Re: Fly fishing for coarse fish

    If you have a local library still in your area, join if not already a member
    and have a browse in the Sports section for fishing books. Fly fishing of all types are covered. From fly fishing for beginners to the more advanced
    For flies themselves, in Summer on Rivers and maybe even still waters anything Brown and fluffy in sizes from 20's up to 12's are worth a go.
    Again you can get books on the subject which will fill your winter evenings.
    Also plenty of good informative videos available on U Tube etc. !

    Find out what you need to know including the theory of casting before you start spending money.
    A casting lesson might be worth considering.
    For your own rod, always try before you buy.! Saves expensive mistakes.
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    Default Re: Fly fishing for coarse fish

    Buy a starter kit. These vary in price, this one by Airflo isn't expensive. It incudes the basics of a rod, line and reel:

    You should buy the 9ft rod, suitable for small stillwaters and rivers, which takes an AFTM size 6/7 line. AFTM means American Fishing Tackle Manufacturers and the number refers to the relative weight of the line. For trout fishing a shallow river I use a size 4, for a big reservoir a size 8 can be easier to cast.

    Here's two sites which may be helpful

    I've caught coarse fish on fly, mainly grayling.. But normally I prefer to use floats or leger for coarse fish.

    Rivers with mainly coarse fish might not be that easy to fly fish - mainly because of the nature of the banks. Steep gradients, extra flood banks on top of the main bank and bankside trees make backcasting quite difficult.

    You could try a still water trout fishery instead. Day tickets where I live are about £20, and are likely to be more expensive in the South East.
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    Default Re: Fly fishing for coarse fish

    Had some good coarse fish from one of my local trout waters. Had some Rudd well over 2lbs, perch are quite common to catch, have seen some Perch that appear to be well over 3lbs.
    Unfortunately my local streams that I use to fly fish are now so over grown that it virtually impossible to now cast a fly. I still use a weighted fly on these but now on a light-spinning rod.
    Flyfishing for carp can be very easy once you learn how to cast.
    I had lessons many years ago and learnt more in a couple of hours than I could ever teach myself. I was taught by one of the leading distance caster of the time who could cast over 70 metres he made it look easy.
    If you are looking for a book try Flyfishing for Coarse fish by Dominic Garnett

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    I did some fly fishing many years ago but only for trout. But I can tell you that in Germany fly fishing for coarse fish is starting to get quite a following. Basically you can catch just about any coarse fish on fly, as all you're doing is imitating their natural food source. I saw a crazy video on YouTube recently of some lads fly fishing in the middle of Berlin, catching Bream about 3-4lb!

    Also listened to a presentation at a fishing exhibition recently about fly fishing for pike - c/w wire trace, the lot. Crazy stuff, but at the end of the day, makes total sense. I'd love to have a shot a carp. I bet a 20lb carp on the fly rod is an experience you don't forget quickly!

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    Default Re: Fly fishing for coarse fish

    When you move down to the garden of England Ralph, Chart Fishery will give you some great sport on the fly.

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    Default Re: Fly fishing for coarse fish

    If it's any help I know Dominic Garnett has covered a fair bit on this subject both here on FM and elsewhere too...

    Flyfishing for Coarse Fish by Dominic Garnett published by Merlin Unwin Books

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    Default Re: Fly fishing for coarse fish

    I've done a bit of fly fishing for coarse fish, i've had dace, carp, rudd and chub, even accidentaly caught trout lol. It's ok but I much prefer float fishing.
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