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Thread: new to this.

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    Ashe Hurst Guest


    Ive always had an interest in fly fishing,as a coarse angler i have caught rout on the feeder and float in my local river cray.

    I have got myself a shakespeare pro fly rod, AFTM 6-7, a selction of wet and dry flys along with a shakespeare mustang reel.
    Having read several articals and watched a few videos i have got the casting ok.However when put into practice on my local river i keep catching chub and rudd.
    As a coarse angler im not too bothered as to what i catch. But to a game angler would other species be considered a nusance?
    As a newcommer to fly fishing any help or suggestions would be welcome.


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    Are there any trout in the river?
    If it's a trout stream/river all coarse fish would be considered a nuisance, but only after I had caught 50 or 60 of them! I would then start to wonder about the stocking policy.

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    As an addition to my previous message, find out if there is a local club that caters for Fly Fishers. If you are from Kent try a trip to Bewl Water and ask the wardens for any advice.
    Good luck,

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    Robert Draper Guest


    If you are fishing a trout river and paying heavily for the privelege then make a complaint. If you are fishing a coarse fishery known to contain trout then relax and go for the chub. Whenever I've caught chub on the fly they have put up a far better fight than the trout anyway. Also try varying fly patterns, if you catch chub on a certain fly try another colour or a different fly altogether, the feeding patterns of chub and trout are sometimes quite different.

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    Ashe Hurst Guest


    Had plenty of chub on coarse and fly,great fighters on both.
    My local river is dominated by coarse fish
    but had some trout on swim feeder tatics.
    To be honest with you, I dont class any fish as a nusance fish,love catching them all.

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    Eddie Caldwell Guest



    They supply excellent flies, efficiently and a good prices. If you experience any problems or have special requirements, contact them and ask for Al.

    Good luck.

    Eddie Caldwell

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