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    Default Starting fly fishing help please

    Sorry for all the questions

    I want to start fly fishing on ponds for trout 2lbs up. And the river Derwent for trout & grayling i wont be casting further than 30 feet.

    What do I need to set myself up?

    Rod length and weight

    Reel size

    Floating line, sinking line or both (I have seen reels that have two spools)

    What do I need in a selection of fly’s and hook size

    Casting lessons

    Any recommendation or help on a rod and reel and flys

    Thanks you
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    Default Re: Starting fly fishing help please

    Potentially two different outfits but I suggest you go for one to start with which should cover both situations.

    I would go for a #5wt/#6wt (or a #6wt/#7wt) 8ft/9ft rod matched to a mid range reel. A full Weight Forward floating line will suffice, you can easily fish at a good depth by selecting a weighted fly/nymph on a good length leader. Nominally, to balance with the rod, I would go for a #6wt or #7wt line depending on the rating of your chosen rod.

    If the reel has spare spools/cartridges you can always add a sink tip, fast or slow sinker and/or intermediate line(s) to your armoury.

    Mail order flies are a good way to start to build your selections. You should be able to find "sets" to suit lake, pond, river, dry or wet for a reasonable outlay.

    As for casting, it's good to get a few lessons and then practice, practice and practice.

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    I would certainly agree on the casting lessons, look for a GAIA or AAPGAI fly casting instructor local to yourself. Casting lessons aren't particularly expensive and are the best investment you can make in fly fishing as a beginner. Have a chat with the instructor regarding rods and flies, I would expect he'll fish the local ponds and rivers so will be well placed to advise.

    For fly lines look at Barrio fly lines as they're excellent value for money. Oh, you need a Roman Moser braided loop too. Personally I'd go with a standard weight forward line for a lake, which would be perfectly suitable for a river but I prefer his small stream lines for river fishing. I would stick with a floating line to start with as they're easier to cast, if you need a little more depth then a poly-leader can help.

    IMO reels are massively over engineered for fly fishing, they're mostly expensive line holders, for freshwater fishing a drag simply isn't necessary so just buy whatever reel takes your fancy that's in budget. Reels come in line sizes so just buy the correct reel size for the rod, some people believe that reel weight is important to balance the rod but personally I prefer the lightest reel possible.

    You could go for a 9ft 5wt rod, it's a comprise as it's a hint heavy for the river and perhaps a hint light for lakes but it'll work just fine, my first rod was a 5wt. If you can afford two rods then I'd look for a 8'6" 3 or 4wt for river work and something like a 9'6" 6wt for lake stuff. Fast actioned rods require good timing, a good casting stroke and they're also difficult to feel load for beginners too so look for a medium fast actioned rod.

    Is hard to advise on flies without knowing the river you're fishing but for me the following are indispensable and probably catch close on 90% of all my fly caught fish.

    Tan Klinkhamer # 14,16 - be careful they need to be on the right hook and the right hook is large for the size,
    Grey duster or better still the dirty duster #16,18,
    CDC & Elk hair caddis #12,14,16
    Greenwell's glory #14,16
    F-fly #14,16,18,
    IOBO #14,16,18,
    Tungsten bead headed gold ripped hares ear - 16,18
    Tungsten bead headed pheasant tailed nymph - 16,18
    Tungsten bead headed red tag - 14, 16, 18
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    Default Re: Starting fly fishing help please

    Excellent advice above, and you don't need to spend a fortune these days to get a good set up.
    From what you have said, I'd agree with stillwater and say a 9ft 5#.
    I hardly ever fish stillwaters, but if you need a few flies for the river, drop me a pm and I'll happily tie a few up for you and post them.
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    Default Re: Starting fly fishing help please

    I would strongly recommend an investment in a copy of Matching the Hatch, by Pat O'Reilly.

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    Default Re: Starting fly fishing help please

    I have phoned the Orvis shop in Bakewell and they recommended, Encounter 6-Weight 9’ Fly Rod Outfit rod and reel line is £169

    I am going to their shop on Tuesday for a learn fly to fishing basics one hour lesson and hopefully buy a rod and reel.

    I can also book casting lesson at £35 an hour is that a good price to pay

    Thank s for your help
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    Default Re: Starting fly fishing help please

    Try a size 50 hook baited with a bit of dog dirt.

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    A six weight is well suited to stillwaters and fishing streamers, if allowed, in rivers. It'll be a hint heavy for dry fly work and nymphing on rivers. Can't say I know the rod but orvis generally make good stuff.

    My casting lessons where slightly cheaper but trust me it'll be the best £35 you'll spent in fly fishing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Another Dave View Post
    Try a size 50 hook baited with a bit of dog dirt.
    I have a boxer dog but wonder it the dirt is suitable?

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