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Thread: Ferox fishing

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    Hi everyone - just joined up yesterday and wondered whether anyone can help. I have done all types of game (and other ) angling and am hoping to branch into the world of the Ferox, however I'm going to need some help.

    I have bought the Ron Greer bible and will start this ASAP but I have always learned better by being with a fishing companion that knows the ropes - its like most things - you learn quicker in a practical mode.

    There seems to be quite a bit of outlay, not least the problem of a boat and although I do most of my fishing from one, I dont own one. I realise that these can be hired at various venues but some of the charges are huge and it looks as though I will need to do about 3 - 5 days to have some hope of success. I probably have most of the tackle I will need but rigs, line,lures etc will need to be bought or made?

    Would be very appreciative of any support

    Cheers Mike

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    A few years ago I read a book by John Bailey, I think it was Trout Fishing at 10000 feet, in which he devoted a chapter to fishing for Ferox in Scotland. From what I remember, he didn't talk much about equipment, but spent more time on his search for these monster trout. Ferox fishing seems quite difficult because of the rarity of the fish and the remoteness of some of the lakes it inhabits. Sorry I can't help you more.

    You could try other fly forums or pike and predators, they might be able to help.

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    Thanks for the reply Keith2 - I'll continue my research

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