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    Dear All,

    Just found my way on to this web site and haven't a clue how to use it yet (old you know, not quite senile yet though).

    Does anyone know where I could purchase new or second hand spools to fit the above reel.


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    Colin North, the one and only Guest


    What size, LC80 or LC100?

    No guarantee, but I may have one or two lying around.

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    £5 ransom by Paypal NOW or I will attend your fish in !

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    Hi it is an LC 80 hope you can help.

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    Colin North, the one and only Guest


    I'll have a look later. PM me your address.

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    having said it was an LC 80 (I had measured spool diameter), I have noticed it's a LC 100 foundit marked on the reel.

    If you can help my address is:

    125 Spagate Lane



    W. Yorkshire

    BD13 3DY

    Let me kn ow what I owe you.



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    Colin North, the one and only Guest


    Hi Emmet,

    I'll have a good look later.

    It's not a good idea to publish your address on a public forum. If you click on my name, you will see my profile come up, which has an option to "message me". Using this personal messager, only I (and possibly the site owners/administrators) would see your details.

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    Colin North, the one and only Guest


    Sent you a PM yesterday. My wife posted two spools to you today.

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    Colin North, the one and only Guest


    Well Emmet,

    I sent you two spools, one of which had a reasonable conditioned Courtland floating line on it, about 3 weeks ago.

    I am VERY disappointed that you have not had the courtesy to thank me for these. I did not ask for any money for them, but suggested that you make a donation to Cancer Research. I did expect some form of thanks though.


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