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    Ross Turner Guest


    Have the members noticed that the shopping partners are only aimed at the carp/coarse angler.
    Why is there no shopping partner for the game fishing & sea angling sections.

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    Robert Draper Guest


    Actually the shoping partners seem squarely aimed at the Carp anglers rather than the general coarse angler. Game anglers have little chance of a look in compared to the stupid amounts of money Carpers are prepared to thow away on the latest smell/oddly shaped piece of plastic.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    To many carp anglers, if you don't look the part and have the latest rod colour, you are a noddy.

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    Gerry Castles Guest


    I think the EA should cul them along with cormorants !

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    Ross Turner Guest


    Graham,what do you have to say?.

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    I'm sure I answered this question, from Ross too, on another thread. But here's the answer again.

    The shops in the Shopping Partners section pay to be in there. It is an advertising zone. FISHINGmagic does not choose who goes in there. If a dozen or more sea and game angling shops come along tomorrow and say, "here's my fee, place me in the Shopping Partner's section," believe me, they'd be in there like a shot.

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    Ross Turner Guest


    Ok thanks for that info.

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