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    Stephen Mc Cormack Guest


    Hi, just a quick question anyone know where you can get good quality flies on the net at a good price???? New to fly fishing so trying to build up a range of useful flies any suggestions for a basic starters kit of flies ?????
    Thanks in advance.

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    Ross Turner Guest


    Try for flies to start off with try a selection of buzzers,nymphs, or just pop out & buy the may issue of trout fisherman.

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    Eddie Caldwell Guest



    Excellent flies, good service, reasonable prices. Any special requirement contact Al.

    Good luck!

    Eddie Caldwell

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    Stephen Mc Cormack Guest


    Thanks, for the advice lads, i got a box set from selectafly, delivered to Dublin in 4 days (not bad), so this should keep me going for a while.

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    Fergal Scully Guest


    Where do you fish stephen? I'm from Dublin myself

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    Stephen Mc Cormack Guest


    I'm only starting out but I'm trying myluck at Kilbride on the Liffey just before it enters blessington lakes, there's some brown trout in there and the odd rainbow stocked from blessington. But haven't had any luck yet.

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    Fergal Scully Guest


    I'm in newzealand at the moment so I can't personally help you out. I know that stretch your talking about very well. I used to fish it years ago as a teenager (with worms) Now I would use size 12 or 14 gold head hares ear. Cast up stream and allow it to drift as naturally as possible down stream. Search the water like this as you go up stream. Remember to keep in contact with the fly by slowly raising the rod or retrieving by hand. Also if you see fish rising a small dry fly would work.

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