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    Richard Drayson Guest


    After a layoff lasting 15 years or so I had the opportunity to fish at Swanswater nr Bannockburn two weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it (even using borrowed gear).

    My interest rekindled, I have now decided to get myself some trout fly fishing tackle and have got a new rod, ordered a reel and am waiting for a floating fly line to be delivered.

    Most of my fishing will be on Southern stillwaters and I prefer to use imitations on a floater rather than lures on a sunk line but, of course, a sinking line is often necessary, depending on conditions etc.

    My question is... can anyone recommend a medium sinking WF line, preferably clear?


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    Look at Cortland 444 Camo. Most sinking lines tend to be coloured with intermidiates being clear. Did have a Hardy double taper fast sink that was clear and a good line.

    Checkout Scientific Anglers, Wetcell etc.

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    Richard Drayson Guest


    Thanks. You're right about most intermediates being clear. Shame that medium and fast sinkers aren't the same.

    Finally decided to get a Wet-Cel II.

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