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    Richard Drayson Guest


    I'm interested in what tackle you use for your fly fishing. I'll start the ball rolling with my very modest selection...

    Rod Flextec XRD44 9ft #7/8

    Reel Shimano Biocraft XT Large Arbor 7/8 plus spare spool.

    Plus a Snowbee prestige floating line and a Polyfuse XT 40+ slow sinker.

    I started off in the 70s with a Hardy Fibalite #6 and Mitchell 710 automatic reel

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    Shrek Guest


    Small Stillwaters:

    Sage Z-Axis 9ft #6

    Generic #5/6 reel

    Snowbee Prestige #6 ivory floater with various Airflo Poly Leaders

    Large Reservoirs:

    Sage XP 9ft 7" #7

    Grey G-Lite reel

    Snowbee Prestige #7 Ivory Floater with various Airflo Poly Leaders

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    Mainly a Sage Z-Axis 9' 6", Danielsson 5/6 reel, Snowbee XS WF floating line.

    I've got a Sage 10ft #8 but rarely use it these days as the Z-Axis so good to use and covers most of the fly fishing I do.

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    Shrek Guest



    If you ever go boat fishing on a large reservoir, you'll find the longer rod invaluable.

    Faling that, if you don't use it anymore I might take it off your hands for a few quid..........!!

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    Nov 2004


    Sage and Onion 6wt.

    Leeda Rimfly

    Old 6wt line from Uncle Dave

    4 Brownish fly's in various sizes, would have had 20 but lent them to various people and never got them back.

    Pair of leaking waders(water always goes over the top. Small 6ft spinning rod for worm if it gets hard.


    Grey Pacamac, and a wooly jumper, some socks
    Perch and tench record holder, and ACA member for twenty years, and Treasurer of P.A.S.C.

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    Oct 2003
    Not So Greater Manchester


    Big reservoir fishing: Snowbee XS Pro 9.6 #7 with Greys G-Tec 9.6 #7 travel rod (6 peice) as backup. Have 2 Shimano Bicraft XTS 7/8 reels with spare spool (total 4 spools in all) Lines are all #7 in floating, intermediate, medium sink Di 4 and fast sink Di 7 all weight forward. Mix of Snowbee Prestige andGreys Platinum.

    For meduim still water I have a Greys G-Tec 9ft #6 with two Lamson Konic 2 reels with spare spools (4 spools in total) Have #6 weight forward lines,floating: Rio Gold, intermediate, medium sink Di3, Fast sink Di 6 mix of Snowbee and Greys.

    For smaller still waters I have a Greys G-Tec 9ft #5 with Hardy Demon 3000 reel with a total of 3 spools. Lines arte #5 weight forwards, floating, intermediate and a medium sink Di 4-5. Mix of Snowbee and Greys lines.

    For river fishing, Greys Steamflex 9 ft #5 and a Greys Streamflex 8ft #4. Both with Greys Streamlite reels. lines are Greys, Cortland 444 and Aitflow. Have 4 spool between the two reels, only one spool has a #4 line all others are #5. Lines are double tapered apart from a sinking line and a midgetip in #5.

    For brook or small steam fishing I have a Hardy Delux 7ft #3/4 with a Hardy Featherlite reel with Hardy #4 double tapered line. ( will be replaced with a #3 double tapered line this year which I already have to put on).

    As yet unused for Chez style river fishing Flextec XRD66 10ft #5/6 with Airflo Balance reel with 3 spools. Lines arte all #5/6 in floating, nymph/midge tip and medium sink. Cortland 444 and Rio.

    far too much as some could easily double up. Couple with Chest waders by Scierra, thigh waders inneoprene by Shimano, waistcoat, full length coat and wading jacket all Greys GRXi.

    Have Ron Thompson reel that came with Flextec rod which has two spools, #6 weight forward line Flextec floating and #6 weight forward meduim sink Aerflo.

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    Colin North, the one and only Guest


    I have various rods, used for different purposes, but most of the time, I use a 10ft Loomis that I bought from a guy in Ireland, who won it in a local trout fishing competition. He is a big man, who picks up my 15HP with one hand and when he pulls a boat up out of the water, it takes at least two people to re-launch it. To him, the Loomis was like a matchstick, and he couldn't get on with it. It is the only "expensive" fly rod I own, but of course I paid only a fraction of the RRP when I bought it off him.

    All my other fly rods, with one exception, have no brand name, but they range from a 7ft6inch Brook rod, right up to a 15ft rod I had specially made for dapping, which I used to do on Loch Maree, but I have also done in Ireland on different Loughs.

    I do have a couple of old Hardy reels, but most of the time I use one of the composite large arbour variety with various lines, mostly made by Cortland.

    I have a 10ft 4 weight rod designed and manufactured by a good friend of mine, specifically for fishing upstream wet fly on some of the North Country rivers. My mate Joe Tingle has the same rod, and he has hooked and landed a couple of Salmon on his, when fishing the Teviot water.

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    Oct 2006
    Stuck on the chuffin M25 somewhere between Heathrow and the A3


    Big water : Greys Platinum X 10 ft 7weight : Reel : Biocraft LA 7/8

    Med water : Hardy Gem 9-6 for a 7 : Same reel

    For when I'm being cute : Greys Streamflex 10 ft 5 weight: Trion reel

    River : Streamflex 9 ft 4 weight : Hardy Golden Prince

    Sea Trout : Hardy Gem 10 ft 8 weight/Sharpes Gordon 10ft 6" 7 weight

    Scierra XDA 7/9 reels though I've just got a G-Tec.

    I rarely do sinking lines so nearly all lines are Snowbee XP floaters but I do have a couple of Aircel bog standard AFTM 8 floaters for sea trout .

    The Hardy rod thing is not me showing off.I've found that the slower actioned Hardy's suit me better than say a Sage and every one I picked up cheap [ish] after they'd been discontinued or got as a present.The Streamflex is a delightful rod and I often use it when I really shouldn't.The Scierra reels are heavy but really solidly built with a fantastic drag.They balance the longer/heavier rods very well.

    I've more than a few others too but those are the front line set ups.

    If I could keep just two then it would be the 9-6 Hardy Gem and the 10 ft Streamflex with a Biocraft reel on both & borrow a rod for sea trouting.

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    Dec 2001
    In God's County: Wiltshire
    Blog Entries


    Grey's GTXi 5/6# rod and reel for small lakes

    Hardy Marquis #6 rod and reels for other stillwaters

    Just bought a 9' Sage 7# for larger waters and Sea Trout

    Normark Gold Medallion 3/4# and Grey's Stream Lite reels for brook trout

    Hardy Sirrus #4 and another Grey's Stream Lite reel for the Hampshire Avon

    Various (too many) lines to list, but including; Greys platinum, Snowbee XS, and Hardy.

    Scholars have long known that fishing eventually turns men into philosophers.

    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher's salary. ~

    Patrick F. McManus

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    Richard Drayson Guest


    Crikey guys...Sage, Greys, Hardy, Loomis, Danielsson etc. A cracking selection of tackle I have to say.

    Perhaps one day we could have a trout fish-in (south/midlands)and try each others gear out?

    I'd love to try a Sage rod [img]/forum/smilies/wink_smiley.gif[/img]

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