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    Andy Lofthouse Guest


    I want to take up fly fishing and was wondering where to get tuition. I live in West Sussex but do not know where to start finding tuition. Any ideas would be most appreciated.

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    Ross Turner Guest


    Buy a copy of fly fishing & fly tying they have a couple of pages of instructors in the back from all over the country by regions.

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    Mark Frame Guest


    youll get a list of instructors in there but doesn,t peter cockwill come from around there?

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    Richard Baker Guest


    I'm sure Peter Cockwill is based in Surrey near Albury estate fisheries where his game shop is.

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    Mark Frame Guest


    i stand corrected

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    Robert Draper Guest


    Try your local trout fishery and see if they do lessons. I went along to a group lesson at Carsington in Derbyshire and thoroughly enjoyed it. There were about eight of us and we got an hour of explanation of the basics, an hour and a half of actual casting tuition followed by an hour of basic fly selection, tactics and knots for those who needed the very basics. Topped off with an afternoon let loose on the water we all had a great time.

    If you can find something similar locally I would recommend the group lesson, I didn't feel pressured and could have a bit of a rest when my arm got tired - which it will until you get used to casting.

    Good luck.

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