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Thread: trolling

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    Richard Baker Guest


    Dear all,

    Was fishing a small 5 acre Rainbow trout fishery (privately owned by a friend) at the weekend and left our lines hanging out of the back of the boat whist rowing across to the other side of the lake. To my surprise the booby on one line and the fry imitation on my friends line got hammered repeatedly on the troll. We took about 5 fish between us. If trout hammer flies like this on the troll why is it that most of us fishing the fly are constantly doing figure of eights, slow retreives etc. Surely we should be stripping the fly in as quick as possible (we were rowing quite fast on the troll). ANy thoughts on this.



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    It could be the continuos smooth motion of the flies or it could be the jerky retrieve of you rowing! Did you catch when you turned the boat, you should have done!
    Amazing how fast they do want it some times. Now you know why you are not allowed to troll on the engine!!
    Another thought, at Rutland a few weeks back the only way the trout would take was completely static [using a bung] but they also took on a ultra fast strip as well. In between got nothing? B&%%*y trout!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Richard Baker Guest


    we did catch on thew turn but no more than on the straights. Funny buggers these trout.

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