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Thread: Fly Lines

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    Does anyone have any recommendations regarding the miriad of "quality" fly lines on the market. Clearly, lines are extremely important for casting efficiency and I've been warned off some brands completely. I guess I'm looking to spend around 30 but am honestly baffled by the number of manufacturers who all claim superiority at this proce range.
    Looking for floating and sinking size 7 if that helps.

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    nick holdsworth Guest


    Know the feeling, Rick. But reckon that despite all the hype, you can't go far wrong in this price range from any manufacturer. Either support your local tackle shop, or find a bargain from the mail-order ads. Main thing is to learn to get used to the line and how it resonds - way more important than the advertising hype - if you know what you can, and indeed cannot do with your line/rod, you will enjoy you fishing so much more.
    You don't say what type of fishing you enjoy, or want to enjoy, as this can affect hte type of line to a degree as can the water you intend to fish, unless you already know what you want.
    Eihter way, for 30, buy one use it get to know it and tight lines!!

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    nick holdsworth Guest


    Sorry about the typos!! fat thumbs!!!

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    Thanks Nick. I tend to fish a couple of lakes in my local area. They're not huge, probably 5 to 7 acres. Took up fly fishing again (after many years) about a year ago and started off with the usual "starter kit" which consisted of an un-castable rod and awful line which seemed intent on tying itself in knots. I've now invested in a Snowbee rod (very happy with this) and am slowly starting to replace the line, hence my queston. So what line do you use?

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    Richard Baker Guest


    Dear Rick,

    I have used the Cortland range of lines since I was recomended them when I started Fly fishing. I would recomend any of them. For around 30 the Cortland 333 Clear intermediate is a superb line. If you want to get it even cheaper then take out a six month subscription to Trout Fisherman magazine or Trout and Salmon magazine. This costs about 16 but you get the Cortland Line free as part of the subscription. Absolute bargain.



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    nick holdsworth Guest


    Like he said....Cortland 333 and well happy. Just using floater at the mo, but am going to get the Clear Inter soon, if you get one, let me know what you think.

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    Many thanks for the advice. Looks like Cortland 333 will suit my needs.
    Love the magazine subscription idea. Will let you know how I get on


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