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Thread: Trout Bags

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    pons Guest


    Evening All,
    As an allround angler,I wondered if any one could tell me if Modern Trout Bags,as used out in the boats,in all weathers,are really waterproof.
    If so ,who makes the best ones,as I am fed up with wet gear,and how much should one have to pay,and where would be the best place to buy from.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks,Chris Ponsford.

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    Eddie Caldwell Guest



    I'm like you. I've tried a few over the years but they all get wet. I'm very wary of spending big sums on unknown quality but if you find a good one let me know.

    Best wishes

    Eddie Caldwell

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    pons Guest


    Thanks Eddie,
    I am convinced the best bags,are "BOXES",and I have recently gone back to an old Shakespeare plastic box for all my Barbel fishing,everything stays dry,I can use it as a seat,can put it down in mud,and can find everthing very quickly,and can move pegs very easily,particully useful in floods.
    They are widely used by sea anglers,where spray from waves is a big factor,both boat and shore,and are equally good for boat trout angling.
    No wonder they are the biggest selling box ever,well done Shakespeare.I appear to have answered my own question.

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    Peter Murray Guest


    Further to your Shaky type box, I have put a frame from the cheap Ali framed rucsacs to mine, and it is very comfy to carry, and gives a lowish backrest, cost was 3 from local boot. Easy to fix too. Have an expensive Wychwood "Wildrun" bag now, Will tell you how it copes.Cannot stop buying new stuff, if I could not read, I would be a millionare by now !!!

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    Gerry Castles Guest


    I note that most of the comp anglers use boxes. Problem is that they invariably get in the way in a small boat, particularly if there are two sharing. The rigid nature of them means you can't tuck them under a seat or up in the bows. About a year ago I bought an extra large Scierra bag for about 38. They are absolutely huge and carry everything that a box could carry with the added advantage of having loads of pockets including a facility to carry packed rods AND I can also stuff it into the sharp end of the boat to give more space. It is also completely waterproof and in that respect has never let me down. Make a nice weekend bag too. Scierra also do a slightly smaller version which is cheaper but is still very big compared to the rest.

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