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    I, like all fisherman, have always dreamed of owning my own lake only now that I have the means to do so I am finding it extremely difficult to find a suitable property. I am currently living in Ireland but have decided it is not feesible to set anything up here so am in need of help in finding a suitable venue. I am looking for a property that includes residential accomodation although I would consider a lake with planning permission or a property with suitable land on which to develop a fishery from scratch. Any Ideas would be gratefully accepted and I would be more than willing to pay a finders fee to anyone who introduces me to the right lake.

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    Mark Frame Guest


    I think if you read salmon and trout they started doing a piece on the very subject with waters for sale .
    well they did late last year anyway they said it was going to be a regular thing

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    Keith Hacking Guest


    yes they still do

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    Gary Franklin Guest


    If you look in the Anglers Mail and Angling Time they have a sectoin at the back that advertises fisheries for sale.

    Most of them appear to be coarse fisheries for sale, but then that's probably what you want anyway as trout only waters, do have trouble paying for themselves!!

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    Gary Franklin Guest


    sorry forgot to mention that i have seen one advterised in the last few weeks in Cambridgeshire and i think it fits the bill with accom etc. If you are interested I'll look thru my back copies

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    Gary Franklin Guest





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