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Thread: Fly Tieing

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    Steve Eddy Guest


    I`m looking for a couple of books for my 15 y.o. son.Neither of us has made a fly so a complete beginner`s guide and also a book with a good number of varieties both wet and dry.Any advice on which book`s to buy.
    I think he`s planning on starting a fly factory to hear him talk.Gonna make him a millionaire by all account`s ) .
    Anyway if it keeps him busy and off the street`s I`m happy
    Thanks Steve.

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    Mark Williams Guest


    Anything by my old mate Peter Gathercole will be OK. Have a look at There are a whole host of fly guides, but Trout Fisherman is pretty good on the subject, and does regular fly tying basics features. Best bet of ALL is to get him down to the local fly-tiers' meetings. Ask at your local trout water for a contact number for a local club.

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    Contact sportfish uk. they do a beginners book that is the biz. They got shops in pall mall, Reading, and winforton failing that you can buy online or get hold of their catalogue. By far the best bet though as previously mentioned is to join a local tying club.

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    Richard Baker Guest


    Have to agree with Alan,

    The sportfish starter kit does a basic book with excellent pictures, tips etc. The acompanying kit provides all the materials for every pattern in the book. An excellent starter Kit. Also might be worth checking out the fly dressers guild website for details of your local club. Where abouts are you based?



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    Gerry Castles Guest


    I started with the Peter Gathercole book and it's an excellent primer, but I'm sure the Sportfish offering is also useful. Also take a look at
    They do bargain packs of thread, fur and feather which are an inexpensive way to put a basic flytie kit together.

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    Robert Draper Guest


    I seem to remember Lureflash doing a series of mini-kits containing enough stuff to tie about ten flies or so with instructions. They were about three quid or so but you would have to have your own tools.

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    Steve Eddy Guest


    Cheers for replies,based near Newcastle Richard.Will pour over suggested sites for books.I`ve found E-Bay has any amount of materials and some value starter kits so that shouldn`t be a problem.
    Thanks Steve

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    Geoff Cowen Guest


    Try searching on the Web, under Fly Dressing, Fly Tying or even the patern of the fly you want to dress. Such as Black Knat, Sweeny Todd, Nymphs, sedge etc. They are all their. 'Oh' and fly tying basics brings up lots of sites. Good luck.

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