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Thread: Float Tubing

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    Ross Turner Guest


    Hi has anyone tried it?,Is there any waters in shropshire that offer tuition & float tubing.
    I would love to give it a go.

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    Stu Black Guest


    You're a brave man! it looks terrifying to me. Sorry cant help tho

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    Keith Hacking Guest


    Charles Hamilton is the secretary of the british float tube association.
    tel 01403 234054/218009.
    hope this helps

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    Its great fun did it for the first time last week at ravensthorpe. The paddling is hard work but when you hook something they pull u all over the place

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    Ross Turner Guest


    Did you ache afer,Arnt you meant to paddle to counter act the fish.How much did it cost if you dont mind asking.

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    Yeah i did ache a bit, it cost 10 to hire the tube and everything else and 15 for a catch and release ticket, no more than having a boat.

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    Ross Turner Guest


    Thanks for that Mark,ive emailed ivor at thornton to find out more,What i would like to do is find someone in my area willing to give it ago so we could share costs getting to the fishery.

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