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Thread: trout on worm

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    Chrisx Ess Guest


    When I was a kid I was a member of a club which had a stretch of the Severn near Welshpool. We used to be able to fish it for trout and salmon in the coarse close season if we freelined or used a drilled bullet, baited with worms - absolutely no maggots though [shock horror].

    What I want to know from all you purists is whether this is still possible in the legal sense? I don't want to fish any trtout lakes - just rivers. If I wanted to fish lakes with a baited hook I would use trout pellets - nnot that i would be allowed to mind...but why hasn't some enterprising lake owner allowed bait fishing for trout? I'm sure there are loads of anglers who would go for that.

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    Ross Turner Guest


    Hi Chrisx,you havn`t said where abouts you are living now.Yes you are allowed to use worm on rivers for trout if the local bylaws & fishing club allows it.
    There are trout fisheries that offer fishing with baits other than fly,ie,worms,spinners etc but these are usually classed as novice pools.I know a few but it depends where you are located.

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    Ian Whittaker Guest


    Check out your local byelaws Chris.Many waters in the Lake District can be fished for "trout".Permitted baits being minnow, worm, spinner & fly.The rod is supposed to be handheld not fished on a rest though.

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    Phil Heaton Guest


    I have had my weekly fix nearly all the close season, worm fishing for trout and grayling on the River Warfe and can thoroughly recommend it.
    The reason that we are unable to bait and lure fish at most trout stillwaters is simply that the stock would be well and truly hammered. When trout reservoirs open their doors for pike fishing, minimum deadbait and lure sizes are generally required (usually a min. of 8").

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    Dave O'L Guest


    Ian, I think minnows are out now in the Lakes since the bi-law change.

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    John Hepworth Guest


    Fishing for grayling on the Wharfe, or any other river in the N/E during the coarse fish close season is not allowed. Although worm fishing for trout is allowed, anglers who talk themselves into thinking its OK to pretend they are trout fishing whilst hoping for other species are in my view, not fit to be considered to be an angler.

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    Phil Heaton Guest


    The day ticket for the river wharfe quite clearly states that 2 trout or grayling may be taken with a minimum length of 12".
    By the way trout and grayling require skill to catch even on worm, trotting through rapids, glides etc, I personally do not like catching course fish in these circumstances and try to return any by un-hooking while still in the water.
    I think that you will find the more 'unethical' fisherman will continue to fish maggot during the close season, without resorting to pretending to worm fish.

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    John Hepworth Guest


    Grayling ARE covered by the national close season for coarse fish on all rivers in England and Wales( 15th March-15th June, both dates inclusive.( Its just a pity that most club officials dont know this)
    Did not intend to question anyones skill in catching them, just that grayling should not be fished for out of season. Even in season none of my friends who fish the northern rivers would even cosider fishing for, what is essentially a cold water fish, in the summer months.
    As for unethical anglers, my mobile phone bill goes through the roof during the close season.(For coarse fish)
    Not wishing to appear big headed, but I almost single handedly pushed through the new byelaw on Northumbrian rivers banning maggots, and most other "coarse" type baits and fishing methods during the coarse close season. Sorry but I do get quite passionate about the abuse of the coarse close season, I only wish more anglers would.

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    Ian Whittaker Guest


    Well said that man.

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    Darren Russell Guest


    LLandegla in has a pool for worming and spinning and i had some fun taking brown trout from a small stream be where i live its still fishing and if the outhoritise dont like it thier is always another sort f fishing afterall fishing is fishing be it Carp or trout or conger.

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