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Thread: Ferox Trout

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    stephen cotton Guest


    I have been told of a good book on Ferox trout titled Ferox 85 by a group of Scottish Ferox anglers. Can anyone help in giving me any information on the book or where I might locvate a copy? Cheers.

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    Richard Bartlett Guest


    You may be thinking of a book called 'Ferox Trout & Arctic Charr' by Ron Greer. Ron is a founder member of the Ferox-85 group. The book is published by Swan-Hill Press & is ISBN 1 85310 486 8.
    Its a very very extensively researched book & provides masses of material to help in what is very much an angling niche.
    I picked up my copy in an Oxfam shop a couple of years ago but since then I've seen copies elsewhere - just can't remember where at the mo! Try the remaindered bookshops or Coch-y-Bonddu.

    Hah - just looked on Coch-y-Bonddu - its available at only 7.95 (item 1095)

    Hope that helps.

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    stephen cotton Guest


    Thanks Richard,
    I have bought this book but I also think there is a book written by the Ferox 85 group detailing their quest for the record Ferox (UK). Have you ever fished for them?

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    Richard Bartlett Guest


    Afraid not Stephen. I find the idea appealing, but there's just too many other things to occupy my angling life. I suppose if I lived closer to the lochs I'd probably fall for it big-time but atm the thought of committing my limited spare time hauling up to Scotland, only to spend days dragging lures/deads around, doesn't fill me with great enthusiasm :-)
    Many years ago I did hook what I'm pretty sure was a ferox. I was spinning for perch on Lomond (to use as pike bait) when I latched into something that ran me all over the place for about 20 minutes before slipping the hooks. Loch Lomond residents learned a whole new vocabulary of profanities a few seconds later!
    To this day I can remember the adrenalin rush :-)

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    stephen cotton Guest


    Yes they don't half pull a bit, my best is 10lb 12oz. If I lived in Scotland I think I would spend a bit more time on them - as it was I splashed out on a long weekend on Loch Corrib...

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    I know John Bailey did quite a lot of research into Ferox Trout. Many years ago approx, 10 I think, I went to a talk and slide show on the subject. Whether he was part of the Ferox85 group or not I don't know.

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