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    Lee Bowen Guest


    I am contemplating starting fly-fishing but I am unsure as to where to start. I have a 60-acre fly only Lake 2 miles from where I live in Nottingham, run by the city council. However I have had no luck in finding out if a local club or syndicate run starter lessons etc. Could anybody point me in the right direction please ???

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    Ross Turner Guest


    what water is it? Colwick park is that way.
    Why dont youdo a search on here to see if other members fish it & see if they could give you a bit of instruction.Or get in touch with Lakside atRanskill i think they offer tuition.

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    Lee Bowen Guest


    It is Colwick Park, i've fished all the other parts of the park but never the Fly lake. I've seen some very nice fish coming out over the past few weeks whilst walking round.

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    John hepworth Guest


    Lee, Check out as to whether the local water authrity do any such events, I know that Northumbria Water do here in the North East. Do Severn Trent still excist after all the privertisation and sell off's?

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    Ross Turner Guest


    severn trent still excists,theyer my local water company

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