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Thread: The best knots

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    Ron Clay Guest


    For tying droppers I've used the three turn water knot for years. However I do thing there are better ways of doing it. Also tying on flies. I used the grinner for this with very few problems. However with fluorocarbon I have slipped back into the habit of tying a standard 5 turn half blood with no tuck. I've tested this knot on Fluorocarbon and its very sound.
    Comments anyone?

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    When tying line to line I found a loop to loop best with fluoro. And when I first got hold of some fluoro two or three years ago from well known rod builder Tony Fordham he'd found that a standard blood knot was best for tying to hooks and swivels. So it looks like you could be doing the right thing there Ron.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Ron, I am the same as you, except I still use a grinner, but with only 3 turns.

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    aiden kennedy Guest


    for droppers the three turn water knot is very satisfactory with fluorocarbons

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    Trout & Salmon ran an article on nylons, knots, monos etec. etc. by John Maitland & Dick Stephens. Well worth a read if you get the back issue! Sorry can't remember the issue number [like most things these days], give Emap aring.


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    David OLoughlin Guest


    The article is March 1998 (doesn't time fly) page 70 - 73.
    I haven't time right now to go through their reccomendations, but someone remind me if you are interested & I forget.

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