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    michael rouse Guest


    any good shops ( online)

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    Ross Turner Guest


    Michael,Try these,uk
    One of these should be of help.

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    Sadly the ones I use and would reccommend are not online. However you can do a search and get their Tel. numbers.
    Anglian Water at Grafham and Rutland plus Sheltons of Peterborough.

    The only online I have used is good prices and good by return service.


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    Ross Turner Guest


    Flytek only stocks limitd amounts of tackle,they are more towards the fly tiers market.Colin i take it you fish Grafham,if you use the shop when you are there it saves you postage,but if you order from a one off my list you might find some are cheaper.

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    Yep, mainly fish at Grafham and Rutland. However, I am there so often, if I need anything it's no problem. I must admit to buying very little tackle these days mainly leader material and the odd [cheap] flyline every couple of years. I've probably got enough fly tying materials to last me through another lifetime!
    Flytek are good for artificial materials for Pike flies.
    Creature of habit good service without rip off prices gets my custom every time.

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