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    Ross Turner Guest


    Does any one have any info on Greys of Alnwick rods before they joined Hardys.I am looking for info on 2 rods,One is a 8.5` Spinning rod & the other is a 12`3 piece 9# Salmon rod.
    Any Info would be useful.

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    go to there web site . i have two of there rods both fly rods i can not fault them. only had them for about a year never go fishing without them. very well made

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    Ross Turner Guest


    Thanks,I own two Platinum X rods & sold previously 2 greyflex.I was after info from before they joined Hardy`s.Back in the 80`s they had a very large shed type building at Station Yard in Alnwick,N`land.I was selling 2 rods & wanted info on them,but i have now sold them.

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