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    Anybody else been ripped of by . Made an order in November 2003. Received half of it not seen the rest yet. They donít answer emails, fax and there phone is always switched of. They got £50 out of me for nothing. STAY WELL AWAY FROM THEM. Any other rip of sites out there please post them here for others to see.

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    Ross Turner Guest


    I think you will find that they have gone into Liquidation or so i have ben informed.If you paid by credit card you could try to recover your losses.

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    Be very careful of any sites selling stuff on the internet. A friend of mine was done by a site selling mens clothes.

    I think the general rule before buying anything on the internet is a get a Dunn & Bradstreet report before passing on details of your credit card.

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    Ross Turner Guest

    Default was a proper company,I used to buy stuff from there before Mark left to set up his new company FMTC.As i stated if you paid by card you can claim the money back through them & they will pursue the company.

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