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Thread: fly lines

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    jason fisher Guest


    i know what all the fly line terms mean but one thing has me puzzled,
    whats the difference between a WF8 costing 15 quid and a WF8 costing 36 quid,
    i know there must be one but i'm struggling to see what it is.

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    It all depends where it is made. The very best fly lines, especially floaters, are American and to the basic cost must me added import duty and shipping costs.

    The best lines have far more critical quality assurance than the cheaper lines. The cheaper lines are sometimes called "mill ends". You can get some very good mill ends, you can also get some horrible ones.

    There are some very good lines now manufactured in Britain, especially sinking and intermediates. Airflo make the best sinking lines in the world in my opinion. Their "Glass" clear intermediates, are lines every fly fisherman should own.

    Airflo floaters however, are not up to the quality of the best American ones. This is a personal opinion of course.

    I have just purchased a new line today as a matter of fact. It is a Wickhams weight 6 WF floater from Yorkshire Game Angling at 29.99. I've just spooled it. It feels great, very slick and supple. I'll let you know how it fishes in future posts.

    Quality lines can "felt" immediately you cast with them.

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    jason fisher Guest


    ron on the yga site they've got a wickhams special offer of large arbour reel and wickhams line for 50 quid what do you think of the quality of it.

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    Ross Turner Guest


    i would recomend Snowbee XS floating fly lines & SA/wetcel for intermediates & sinking lines.The snowbee are made by shakespeare & the SA are made by 3m a US company.I would spend as much as you can afford on a fly line.

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    Jason, for the money, YGA offer quality stuff. I hade a look at a couple of their large arbour reels today. They look light, solid and workmanlike. I would recommend them.

    I have two Airflo Fast Glass intermediates. I aquired them in SA some 6 years ago. They are still great and show no signs of wear and they have had a heck of a lot of hammer believe me.

    I also decided to buy for myself a new trout bag. About time too as my ancient Hardy bag, purchased in 1970, is falling apart. This is the Titan Plano nylon bag at 29.99. It is good and solid and will outlive me.

    3M by the way manufacture the Scientific Angler and Lee Wulff range. Top quality.

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    Ross Turner Guest


    Ron,you said in another post you had not fly fished for nearly 3 years,No wonder your airflo line shows no signs of wear.

    Jason if you shop around you will get some great deals.

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    michael rouse Guest


    I rate snowbee prestige fly line,its thin and shoots well.

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    Ja mate, but in the 3 years I used them they got some real hammer, and I used to reckon that if I got 2 years from a sinker and one year from a floater, I had done well.

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    Keith Hacking Guest


    Always liked cortland lines,till i got a jim vincent rio windcutter line two years ago,put yards on my casting,getting an 8wt shortly for sea trout etc,there very good.

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