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Thread: fly reels

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    jason fisher Guest


    what's the advantage of a large arbour reel over a standard reel

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    Very simple.

    Traditional fly reels have to be filled up with lots of backing, far more than is necessary. Not only that, the small diameter of traditional reel cause horrid kinks in fly lines. Not only that the small diameter means that the line retrieve rate is slow.

    Large arbour reels are marvellous and worth every penny. I own two Dragonfly Large Arbours which are not expensive and they are British.

    Have a look at them.

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    Ross Turner Guest


    I agree with Ron,but would also look at the Orvis Rocky mountain LA & the greys GRX both are british made by BFR down in Falmouth.Most have disc drag now so same as my last post spend what you can afford.The saying goes you get what you pay for.

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    michael rouse Guest


    I'v got the Orvis Rocky Mountain LA and its OK.

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    Ross Turner Guest


    I have just bought a BFR Modular LA 5# & find it top class as its made form barstock aluminium & not cast therefore is a lot lighter.

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    Nov 2005


    I use one of the shakespear crest 7/8 reels very nice very smooth disc drag system

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