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    TodayI bought a shakespeare summit because I was sick of my old plastic reel it has a drag system and a easier spool release.
    How does this reel compare to other fly reels.
    Also are trout loops made especialy for different types of line density's,tapers and aftm ratings.

    Also i seen "flyspinners" anyone everused these I am interested in them but thought they might not be aloud on comercial fisheries.

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest



    There is no doubt that the reel you have purchased will work well. A good drag is an asset on modern fly reels, especially now that we have some large fit rainbows in many of our waters that have more than a tendency to strip off 100 yards of line at incredible speed. Make sure your drag is not set too tight.

    I too have seen these "fly spinners". Where they are allowed, I have no objection to their use.

    However anglers who use them must not kid themselves that they are fly fishing.

    Because they are not.

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    I have also purchased a fenwick weight forward six but I am having trouble attaching it to by backing can I buy something similar to a braided loop to connect them?

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    Its dead easy to attach to your backing. Use a nail knot, pull it tight and clip everything nice and neat.

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