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    Ron Clay Guest


    There is a plethora of what is termed: large arbour fly reels on the market at the moment. Some of them are at the most ridiculous and inflated prices imaginable. I have purchased one of these reels - A Dragonfly Large Arbour and to be quite frank it is a terrefic piece of kit.

    It certainly puts less memory into the line and is a joy to play a big fast moving trout with. I am looking forward to loading the spare spool with a pike taper and trying for pike later this year.

    Do you think that large arbours are a goo idea?

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Why not do what I have done for many years....get a larger reel and add 300 yards of backing. Its exactly the same effect....for a quarter the cost. Having said that...I am saving for a Loop....purely for the pose value!! I use the Leeda Dragonfly reels with the disc drag at the moment, and I cant fault them...

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    Ron Clay Guest


    So the pose value is important in fishing Rob.

    Now that is worthy of a new thread.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Ron, have a look at any tackle catalogue!!! Stanless Steel buzzer bars...carbon throwing sticks....3 pound test curve rods!!! ..need I go on. Fishing is dictated by fasion and pose value, and it has been for many years. I remember in the 70's watching a Kent carper setting up 3 rods. He had...and this is no word of a lie,...a tape measure and spirit level to ensure his rods were all at the same height. All his bank sticks were painted black, and his line had been dyed black.

    I see it all the time up here with salmon anglers..they walk into the tackle shop, having never cast a line, and buy, on the advice of a friend, a 15 foot Hardy rod, Soverign reel, Hardy fly line etc etc, and walk out with little change from 1500, and what for, ...too sit on the bank with a wee dram....*looking the part* !!

    I love it!!!! )

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Well really?

    I was brought up under the wing of the legendary Ray Webb. It was vital that your fishing jacket be a filthy as possible. Your tackle must look well used with a good set in the split cane or your were considered to be a noddy.

    I remember a mate of mine who bought a very smart pork pie style hat at Dunns for 5.00 - a lot of money in those days. In view of the salesman he stamped it into shape in the shop!! The following weekend he went breaming and coated his hat in slime so that he would look the part.

    You made fly boxes out of old cigar tins. You coated your wellies in mud and rubber solution if you had a leak. If you were a proper specimen hunter you HAD to look decrepid.

    Haven't times changed

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    When I started, I looked like a reject from the army/navy and airforce all rolled into one. I remember the time I got my first one piece suit. It was an old German army tank suit!! I had an old nylon poncho, army boots, RAF flying under wear and various other military bits and pieces....and that was just for going to school

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    Martin Quadling Guest


    Its a funny old world isnt it?,i have just today been asked to look for a Waterworks P3 large arbour fly reel for a friend so they can compare to price over here, to that in oz and usa,does anyone have any information on this they can let me have please?, thanks in advance,


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