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    Default Cliff’s Magnificent Fishing T-Shirts

    After much encouragement and cajoling from one or two very supportive characters, Cliff’s taken-up Teespring’s invitation to apply some of his designs to their top quality T-shirts. We at the parent company, Fish & Fly, think they’re great – really different and very distinctive. Nail your colours to the mast and treat yourself to a nice new T-shirt!

    Colin Bradshaw

    Here’s the link to buy the above design:

    …and for this one:

    …and this one:

    Source Article...
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    Default Re: Cliff’s Magnificent Fishing T-Shirts

    Nice t shirts, no centrepin fishing ones?... and a little on the rich side for me.....very good though, especially the illustrations!

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    Default Re: Cliff’s Magnificent Fishing T-Shirts

    Come on ! ...surely the Carp one needs a power station in the background ?!?!?

    Nice tee shirts they do look good.

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