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    Default New UK Fisheries Bill falls .. but the fight goes on

    The new UK Fisheries Bill, due to replace the EU Common Fisheries Policy when the UK exits the EU, will go no further.


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    Default Re: New UK Fisheries Bill falls .. but the fight goes on

    This Bill, together with many others, will all "fall" when Parliament is prorogued . . . . thereby wasting all the effort and hours of deliberation; all the committee work and individual sacrifices many MP's and third parties.

    For the Fisheries Bill this means that the derogations that were hard fought for, and won, are now also lost.

    From a legal standpoint many other bills, under the Justice banner, are now also lost, including those relatng to Divorce and Separation, Domestic Abuse, the Prisons and Courts Bill . . . . .

    It remains to be seen if any, including the Fisheries Bill will reappear in the Queen's Speach . . . .
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