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    Default Myopic, unrepresentative and a missed opportunity: Angling Trust slams 'Renaissance o

    The Angling Trust has slammed the findings of the report from Renaissance of the East Anglian Fisheries (REAF) amid fears it is setting out to drive a wedge between commercial fishing and recreational sea angling interests in the region.


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    Default Re: Myopic, unrepresentative and a missed opportunity: Angling Trust slams 'Renaissan

    I think commercial fishing and recreational fishing are miles apart. It’s just a completely different ball game and best just leave it like that. Fish conservation might be a shared objective but for different reasons. Recreational anglers and their representatives should follow their goals and commercial fishing and their representatives should follow theirs. Just my view but for those reasons keep it separate, nothing gained by setting up a sort of war of words between the two factions for anyone.
    I live in a town of commercial and recreational sea angling and there is no interest in one to the other which is fine as far as I am concerned but there is no animosity or anything, just the way it is. We moan about the lack of sea fish sometimes due to netting etc but it's not directed at the commercial fishingmen, more the laws and regulations that don't work for them or us, I think most sea anglers recognize that, we respect thier hard dangerous life and the need to provide food and make a living, it just needs better regulation which in turn will benefit sea anglers.
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