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    Default Re: New UK Fisheries Bill starts process to become law

    Quote Originally Posted by markg View Post
    I would like to see us do things like this outside the EU; or at least have the chance to properly consider these options and implement if thought worthwhile trying.
    The EU are very keen on this NOT to happen, anything that is not in their interests or could give the UK an advantage even though it's our territory will be fought against in the upcoming 'deals' so much so they want us to sign up to EU rules with existing deals. This is replicated through everything from fisheries to farming to basically everything.

    They will force us to back down or have a no deal brexit which they know will panic the media and cause division

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    Default Re: New UK Fisheries Bill starts process to become law

    I've been reading the proposed government Environment Bill 2020 and have to say that, like the
    Fisheries Bill and the Agriculrure Bill, there are a lot of loopholes as well as some lost oversight and enforcement from the previous EU Regulations.

    For the last 3 years various Ministers have been telling anyone who would listen that leaving the EU will allow the uk to strengthen its environmental controls; sadly that is far from the truth, and that a even a cursorary reading of these Bills will demonstrate.

    All three bills contain major flaws that undermine the government’s claims and leave huge holes where future ministers can quietly backslide on the existing protections.

    If these Bills become Law (in their current form) then I truly fear for the future of the environment in the uk.

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