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    Default Woodlands, Thirsk


    ive just got into fishing, ive done abit of trout fishing and want to try different types of fishing and different places.

    anyhow been looking at a place called woodlands in thirsk, has anyone been thier, if so whats it like and got any advice for me?

    any info much appreciated.



    e2a: oh and to anyone who does go, is it very busy on bank hol mondays?
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    Fished it a couple of time some years ago its packed with fish just use pellet and cast to one of the islands on a free runing leger rig and you should get in the fish ,hope this helps

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    Woodlands is a excellent venue for you to start your change over to coarse fishing .But be prepared for a lot of unexpected shocks on the size of some of the carp that get caught quiet regular ,pleasure anglers have had fish up to just over 30lb and all the 13 lakes have plenty of fish going to near 20lb mark. If you like your silver fish you will find plenty ide, bream. roach.tench. and big perch that have matured quietly on the shoals of fry. Any problems and the lads in the shop will gladly help you out. Its best to check which lakes are free of any match's that might be on that day. Don't worry over half the lakes are for pleasure anglers and if any match lakes are not been used you can go on them too. And you can go straight on them after any match. And what every you do dont take your eyes off a rod or pole ,baited in the water, or not baited as bare hooks in the water while you are sorting something out foul hook carp in the margins ,and your rod or pole will be lost. You will have a very good day fishing as long as you go about it right on the day. And the carp are all near enough finished spawning so their will be wanting to feed to build their strength back up..Hope you go be a change to your fluff chucking.

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    Greetings Y'all

    I've never been to Woodlands myself, but funnily enough my tv. aerial man has, & we've had him here recently. He said little about the fishing, but he did go-on about the state of the place, Woodlands, some if it anyway. Told me about busted tackle laying around, half-eaten sandwiches, lengths of monofilament & all the rest. Also, so he said, the toilet facilities were a disgrace.

    As I've already said, I don't know myself. But what he said is food-for-thought if nothing else.

    I thought it was all a wee bit strange [the mess] 'cos I think the Woodlands facility per-se is part of a 'group' of fisheries, 12 or 14 maybe? These, where they're located etc, can be viewed in the Anglers Mail periodical.



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