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    Default FERNHILL Fishery, Milcombe, Oxon

    Another fishery report from sunday:
    I had the morning in Hornton and went to Fernhill for 4 hours on sunday afternoon and fished the middle lake (the beast). Had a few old carp and some silvers on the float.
    Plenty of features to fish to, submerged trees, overhanging willows etc..
    bottom is very silty and mucky with all the leaves falling in.

    Caught on Corn/paste combo fished over particles. I'd be very surprised if there aren't some nice perch to be had too form underneath some of those overhanging trees.

    Has anyone else fished here? and got anything to report as i'd like to know what size fish are in there as it is very local and a nice shletered place to fish in these windy/cold months ahead.

    p.s it's only £5 too which is a nice cheap day out

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    no ive never fished it but have you tried milton pools its a loverly comerrcial in oxon again 5 pound 4 lakes open for day ticket specimem lake house Lake lens match lake and kidney lake very nice staff and an overall awseomefishery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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