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    Default home made ground bait

    Being a tight Yorkshire man I like to make my shop bought ground bait go a bit further by adding a bit of bread crumb to it made from left over bread

    Or for prebaiting a swim using breadcrunb on it's own

    The best way I've found it to liquidise the bread then put the bread crumbs under the grill - this drys the bread crumbs so they can be sorted in an old sweet tin ( Roses metal tin is my present one) then once left for a few days put back in the liquisiser/blender and blitzed again - this gives a very fine powder breadcrumb

    How do other prepare left over bread?
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    Default Re: home made ground bait

    Pretty much the same as you except I tend to dry mine out in the oven.

    Last year I wanted to try some red groundbait for tench and I simply added some water and red food colouring to the groundbait once it was prepared and allowed it to dry out again. The result was a rusty red colour rather than the bright red shop bought stuff but it seemed to work ok.

    For cheap bread just pop up to the local supermarket on a Sunday afternoon and you can pick up loaves for as little as 5p. Given that my local bait shop charges about £2.20 for 1KG of brown crumb that`s quite a saving.
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    Default Re: home made ground bait

    2 parts Vitalin,1 part trout pellets blitzed to a coarse powder, then add some grilled hemp and black crumb if you can get it, if not brown will do just fine. Then add molasses plus lake water then mix it up and riddle it, then and some corn and dead maggots, and fish a boltrigged inline feeder full of maggots with a short hookleangth over the top of it, has caught me loads of tench and bream over the years

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    Default Re: home made ground bait

    I no longer buy groundbait from shops.
    I was amazed just how much bread, cake and biscuits we were throwing away.
    It all gets blitzed and frozen now.
    When I go fishing I pull a handful of bags - some quite small - out of the freezer the night before. When defrosted I bake some and fine powder it, some I just leave as liquidised.
    Grated cheese, sweetcorn (the cheapest) liquidised bacon bits (cooked and raw) and other meats, any uneaten cooked potatoes... all mix together and all feed fish.

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