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Thread: Lakes in London

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    Default Lakes in London

    I was just wondering if anyone has fished on micham common, keston ponds, danson park lake, or south norwood?

    If someone has fished any of the above, can you give me details of your experience?

    More recent the better. I cant find recent info on these lakes. Im looking for somewhere local to fish. I go clapham common but it doesnt feel right with buses driving past me when im fishing.

    Thanks for reading

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    Default Re: Lakes in London

    This might help

    when i use to fish Danson park i found that week day are best no so many people about asking are there fishing in here

    Danson Park Lake, London, United Kingdom - Fish Around

    have a look at the lakes in Thamesmead

    Birchmere lake – Thamesmead Town Angling Club

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    Default Re: Lakes in London

    I was going to try thamesmead but ive heard that cars get damaged alot. And it always seems to be the people who fish it are the cars that get damaged.

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    Have you heard about this?
    Oh and thanks for your reply.

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    Default Re: Lakes in London

    Here is a link to a previous thread (2012) regarding Mitcham Common Lake:
    Seven islands Mitcham common

    Hope it helps
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    Default Re: Lakes in London

    I haven't fished Thamesmead for a few years so I don't know about the car problem

    if you don't mind the drive I can recommend monks lakes
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    Default Re: Lakes in London

    I really don't like to Fish in urban environments, but this looks interesting in Woolwich:
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    My favourite lakes in London are the reservoirs of the Walthamstow complex. Just watch out for the mitten crabs!

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