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    Default SE London: Keston ponds

    Been around yesterday to check the situation, here is a report:

    The two adjacent lakes have plenty of fish in them. The one closer to the car park has abundance of roach and rudd but didn't notice any other fish.

    The next lake is same on count of roach and rudd, I have also seen baby perch and 3-5 of baby pikes (beauties!).

    All fish have just been spawned, largest were the pikes at about 8 inches.

    The lake cross the road is absolutely empty.

    All lakes have loads of lilly pads, so much so that it will be nearly impossible to fish otherwise than on the surface.

    All lakes are very shallow around the banks with very small deep areas in the middle.

    All lakes are extremely weedy.

    Even though 99% of fish are tiny babies, I am sure there is couple of big pieces around there, because on my way back to the car I saw this:

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    Default Re: SE London: Keston ponds

    Wow, Keston Ponds, last time I was there was 1977. Brings back loads of good memories, although I never got to fish it.

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    Default Re: SE London: Keston ponds

    Yep good memories indeed. Amazing little ponds with a very famous history.

    Unfortunatly I think all the Leneys are now gone. I heard 1 is still in there but I have some doubts. Last time I had a walk round I saw some white Koi on the surface. Things have changed allot !

    Is anyone fancies a challenge then some really good Eels have come out in the past.

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    Default Re: SE London: Keston ponds

    I caught my first tench from there. It would have been around 1968 or so.

    I wonder how many people started their angling career there?

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