I'm doing some research for a future PP..you know the odd one that I don't have any fish to report and need to fill the allocated space...
Well, I'm looking at 'Bans, Baliffs, Rules and Regulations ' as a title. I want some really good and bizarre stories, you know the sort. Where the baliff gets out a tape measure to see if you're the required distance from the rod. That sort of thing. I remember some time ago a post about wearing certain colour clothes to fit in with the foilage. can't remember who it was -Rik, Phil?
By all means post on the thread, but if you'd like to submit something for me to consider, please post direct to me only on sbloor@sicm.org.
I promise not to disclose who sends me what, you won't get in trouble by disclosing your stories to me. I will use discretion.