Some of my most treasured rods are second-hand bargains off Ebay ...rods that were considered top of the range 20 or 30 years ago and are now unloved...except by me

I have a Daiwa GF 65, I know nothing off it except it might be as old as the Seventies ? It is an exquisite early carbon rod, in its own tube and bag. It is whipped not resined and has early Fuji rings, I think they may be luminous.

It's action is superb and has landed me a high Summer mad for it 10lb carp on 3lb mainline. I never, ever dreamt I'd net that fish...but that rod did the work.
You can bury me with that rod !

I don't suppose any of you lot know of it ????

It cost me £20. I paid £40 for a Harrison GTI. Someone paid £140 for that new