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    Makes you wonder whether PETA have really got any chance against this kind of fire power.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    I think those figures are great, as far as the US are concerned. Only problem, is that this is the UK and a totally different ball game. Look at the issue of gun control for example. What happened in our nation with legislation a couple of yeras ago, would not stand a chance in the US.
    If anything, from a PETA point of view, it would make sense to pick off the 'weaker' first ie the UK, before tackling the 'stronger' ie the US.

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    Alan Roe Guest


    Then let us all be thankful that Peta have spread themselves thinly over several campaigns.
    The one over milk is a good one for us to jump on and hammer them with.
    We could do with publisising their views on keeping pets as well.
    They took a hammering on radio and TV over the milk issue.
    We should do everything in our power to continue to discredit these people for being the fanatics that they are.
    By proactivly attacking them they will be kept far too busy and discredited to have any impact on us.
    However there is no point venting our spleen on angling sites we have to take the campaign to the wider audience via the local and national press.
    We have a chance to really get an anti Peta bandwagon rolling here.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    You cannot compare UK, a poor almost 3rd world economy with the mighty USA. For a start they have far more space and natural resources. The standard of living is far higher, taxes are far lower so that there is more disposable income available.

    Peta have not a hope in hell of getting anywhere in the USA. This is why they have targetted the UK.

    Compare George Bush with Blair.

    Blair is a townie through and through. I'll bet he has never held a fishing rod or shot a hunting rifle in his life, and as for that ugly woman who is his wife??

    Geopge Bush by comparison is a great outdoorsman. I'll bet Peta were not happy when Bush got in as Presedent!

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    David Will Guest


    I do not know why you live in the UK Ron.
    On June 7 we all have a chance to make our point at the polls.
    I agree with what Ron said re the USA but I would add insular , ignorant , opinionated, extremes of poverty comparable to the third world ,injustice , the worlds major polluter and a quite unhealthy adoration of celebrities.
    Low taxes are ok if you are working but they have no health service to speak of and pay enormous amounts in health insurance. Finally they have no Tench and are **** at Cricket.These last two points being the most serious .

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Ron's searching high and low to find an AWB candidate at the next election...then he's going to move into their constituency just so he can vote for them....hahaha

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    David Will Guest


    What have the Average White Band got to do with politics?

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Tut, tut, tut...wait till Ron reads the way you're putting down his favourite party...Just wait for his reply...mind, you won't be able to read it, it'll probably be in Afrikaans...hahahah

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Hey Dave, have you ever inadvertently fished the wrong stretch of the kennet...on a foggy day.....

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    David Will Guest


    Yes i was that angler.

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