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Thread: Chatsworth

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    Paul Christie 2 Guest


    I felt the same about this years fair being very poor on the tackle prices. As a result I didn't spend anywhere near as much as in previous years.

    When it comes to it, if you're paying full wack, you may as well go to your local shop. At least you know where to go if it goes wrong.

    I'll still continue to go, just for a day out, but alot won't if there are no bargains to be had. That's what draws most people there.

    It already seems to get smaller every year, so are it's days numbered?

    Come on dealers, you can cut your huge profits for one weekend a year!!

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    Shrek Guest


    I thought there were loads of stalls to see, mind you it's the first time I've ever been.

    Agree with the bargains that weren't.

    Anyone going to Blenheim in July?

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    Paul Christie 2 Guest


    When I first started going it was certainly bigger and many of the big and small manufacturers (Shimano, Shakespeare etc)also had stalls there too.

    The first time I went, it took us most of the day, just looking in the stalls selling tackle. This year we went around twice and wasn't there as long.

    Nice to see John Wilson present though and I was impressed with him at the forum. He's such a good figure head for the sport.

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    One of the big plusses about these shows is that you can see and even try out the latest tackle. You can't do this at your local tackle shop.

    I'm a fussy ****** in that I like to look and feel what I would like to buy.

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    John Lane 2 Guest


    Does anyone know the name of the Fenland pliker who gave a demonstration late Saturday morning?

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    Phil Heaton Guest


    I did'nt go particularly to buy anything, but obviously looked all the same. As I went with the wife with a view to spending the morning with the fishing and the afternoon with the other attractions I feel that the 8 entry fee was a bit steep, considering that the exhibitors would have already paid for their pitches.
    I was also surprised by the absence of manufacturers, or is Chatsworth becoming just 'another' regional yearly tackle 'fest', which normally by the way cost 5 entry fee's.

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