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    Twainy Guest


    Great article Dave. I really felt for you when I read about the hooklength parting.
    The venue looks absolutely stunning. I'd love to have a crack at a place like that.
    My real love is Tench fishing; freelining the margins using only a tiny porcupine quill and a lump of bread flake. I'm going all poetic in my head just thinking about it.
    The article really described the atmosphere and the action in a manner which gives full credit to the art of Tench fishing.
    Catching a double figure Tench nowadays is so memorable, could you compare it with aforty pound carp in terms of achievement?

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    Thanks for the kind comments on the article, much appreciated, i'm glad it came over the way i wanted.
    Funnily enough i have just ordered a new float rod as i too enjoy the margins but using the old lift method, i have never tired of that, its real sit on the hands fishing as the float starts to twitch.
    I like many others have been guilty of sitting behind the buzzers for the big tench on a lot of waters.
    But this one's a great little venue where at first light the tench lads turn up with a single rod a bucket, net and chair its like going back in time which makes it even more special to me.
    We are hopefully making a return trip in the next week or two so in the words of that big guy who rode the motorbike in the film "i'll be back"
    Good luck on your own tench fishing..

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    Nigel Moors 2 Guest


    You're right Tony, it looks absolutely divine. Am seriously looking for a good Tench venue now where they can be caught on the float, preferably the lift method but also normal waggler tactics. There are so many places that have been taken over by stockie carp that the Tench venues seem few and far between. Despite what Dave says about Tench anglers being lucky in that our chosen quarry is getting fatted up by feed intended for carp, there is still a lot more credit to be had as you say in catching a double tench as oppsoed to a forty carp. Not everyone will agree but not many doubles will be caught each year but I'd hazard a lot of carp forties will be as there seems to be so many stocked nowadays.

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    Gary Knowles 2 Guest



    Great, atmospheric, mind stimulating piece mate.

    Keep going me old mukka and when you do slip the net under the dream fish the Jamesons will taste all the sweeter....

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    Davey Guest


    you old smooth talker you ;-)
    Many thanks for the comments mate much appreciated and cheers ;-)Its been two sessions since then and not a twitch but are we disheartened? are we hell ;-)

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