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    Back in the 1970s i used to fish a stretch of the River Dee at Llangollen.
    I used to leave home at 12 midnight to get there before first light.
    Arriving one morning at 3am,the only light to guide sturdy footing was by moonlight.On my way down to the river,was a handy old victorian hand rail.Halfway down i suddenly heard moaning voices and the most obnoxious smell.I thought to hell with this and proceeded to remove my metal landing net pole from my holdall.First i thought someones done a murder and their still up to something with the remains.With one whopping poke i prodded my pole into the bushes,there was an almighty scream followed by a figure running for dear life.I had disturbed a tramp listening to his transistor radio.eventually i got my breath back and composed myself,by checking the underwear situation,safe to say it was the tramp who must of done the business not me!

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    Not exacctly spooky but it scared the **** out of me... One night a few seasons ago I was night fishing a local stretch of river, lying on the ground when a helicopter passed over a few times, thought nothing of it and carried on dozing. all of a sudden a bloody great Alsation came crashing down the bank towards me followed by the boys in blue. It turned out that the helicopter was a police chopper on routine patrol and their night vision gear had detected a body!! Don't know who was more surprised, me for being pounced on or them for having a 'corpse' jump up and start yelling!!!

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