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    Can anyone tell me what is considered high and low in terms of the above and what considerations should be given when planning for either condition.

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    Tom,if you look at the forecast on tv,it gives areas of high and low presure over the country.It is said that high pressure or rising pressure is better for fishing,as the fish are more active.Though I find constant pressure of high or low produces good catches.I usually struggle if the barometric pressure keeps changing.
    By the way,did you find a decent lure rod??????

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    Thanks for your feedback Pete.
    I read somewhere that when deadbait fishing for Pike it is best to have the bait high in the water when pressure is high and to place it on the bottom when pressure is low or is it vice versa.
    Trevor Salmon sorted me out with a really nice Abu rod and at a good price too, can't wait to try it out.

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    Deck Monkey Guest


    Personally, I find that fish are more influenced by the weather condition brought about by a given set of barometric conditions. High is little wind and generally clear, low is windy and more often associated with persistant rain and cold fronts (although, as always, there are exceptions!)

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    Stuart Bullard 3 Guest


    Spot on Deck - we have had this debate before, which reminds me, I did mean to check something out.

    I just do not think fish have the ability to detect air pressure changes, the impact of which within a body of water I am sure is minimal.

    As you say, its the different weather it brings.

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