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Thread: Albino Cats

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    Leon Foreman Guest


    Just read in one of our local Angling Monthly's about a new breed of albino Catfish. They were bred in some local fisherie and are being considered for release in the wild. The Idea is to make them more acceptable locally as an edibale fish. I have seen a Photo and must admit it looks strange. Has anyone else in europe thought of breeding white Catfish? Does anyone think a fish as white as snow can survife in a river? My personal feeling is that a catfish has it natural collour do to it feeding methods and is evolutionary changes. I personally dont think the white ones will surfive or might even revert back to its natural cllour scheme after some years. Will try and find out some more info should anyone require it.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    To my knowledge, we have one in this country, and that resides in RMC's Jones Pit.
    It weighs approx 21 to 22lb and is such a strange and exclusive fish, that it is on most anglers wanted list as the ultimate catfish prize.

    Hopefully it will be cradling in my arms on Wednesday )

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Albino cats are bred commercially for the aquarium trade, including Albino Wels catfish. A wels will survive in the wild no will just have to scavange more rather than hunt. There are several well know specimens kicking arounf the UK and also some whoppers in France and Spain

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