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    Do the fish actually eat the hookbait Graham and how much bait is in the tub?
    Also, will it stay on the hook on rivers that pull a bit like the Severn or Wye

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    If you loose fed it then yes, the fish would eat it. But you only use it for hookbait and therefore you get it back on the hook or hair. It stays on the hook and hair very well indeed, even in the fastest current. I don't actually know what the quantity of bait is in a tub, but the bait is re-usable and one tub could last several seasons.

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    Stuart Bullard 3 Guest


    Surely it will lose its "flavour" ?

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    I don't think it ever loses its flavour. It's probably got a half-life of 100 years.

    I was playing with some luncheon meat 3 weeks that Graham gave me at Blue pool and I can still smell it now. Longer lasting than TCP. Try it.

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    i use the sweetcorn stuff a lot, always hair rigged, i find it falls off quite often after the fish is hooked and ur playing it in.

    have had one tub for months and months and still produces bites, even tho its got mud and bits of twig in it

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    Gary Knowles 2 Guest



    It's brilliant stuff. It doesnt lose it's flavour because (I think) it's not flavoured as such - it has the same chemical ingredients as the bait it mimics.

    It's really bouyant so make sure you critically balance it with some tungsten putty and the fish hang themselves on it.

    I've had loads of barbel, chub, tench and bream on it already.

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