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Thread: Angling America

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    I wonder if we could get one of our big tackle stores interested in doing a similar thing? What do you reckon?

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Don't want to sound like I'm pouring cold water etc but i just don't think it would work here. (Would love to be proved wrong though...)It may have worked here a generation ago when dads took sons fishing, and the summer holidays meant lots of angling trips for school kids.
    The cultural differences and public perception of angling is different in the UK and USA. There is of course, a commercial aspect to what WM are doing. It will work in the US.
    Also, as the item points out, WM have 2,600 stores. They are brand leaders, good public image and so on. They can saturate the market with this project.
    It may work here on a regional scale, but we don't have tackle dealers that have national exposure and coverage in the same way that WM do. And remember of course, that WM are not tackle dealers but sell everything in big mega hyper markets. Tackle is just a small percentage of what they sell.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Stewart, How do you see the public perception of angling being different in the USA?

    I don't think this would work here because there is less disposable wealth in the UK amongst other things. In the USA they still talk about husbands, wives and family units. Here they talk about "partners" etc.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Ron, I think the cultural differences between the UK and the USA are reflected in how angling is perceived by the general public. In the USA it is perfectly acceptable for Ministers to shoot, hunt and fish. I've got friends that do that, one has deer heads all over his walls. If I did that here (not that I'm against it, by the way), the way that many people would view me would change. In the eyes of many, I'd be consideredc cruel and not a 'proper Christian'.
    Whilst the general Britsih public is not anti-angling, they're probably not pro-angling either. More likely, somewhere in between. If we want to do what we do, then all the best to us. It would be true to say, that in the USA, there is, in the minds of the general public, a more positive attitude to angling (and shooting, hunting etc).

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    Kevan Farmer Guest


    Good for America and Wal-Mart I say. Yes of course it's blatent commercialism but it does serve to put angling right into the public eye. We should have it over here, can you imagine your local Asda with big plastic swimming pools set up in the car park? Kids casting to targets. Come on, even if they have never thought about angling before it's got to be a start. Might be an idea to contact Asda to see if they would run this sort of event - remember Wal-Mart took over Asda not long ago. I reckon it would be the ideal platform to show the general public just what angling is all about. Local clubs could easily put displays up showing the conservation side of angling. Yes, definitely a good idea.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    In countries like America, New Zealand, Australia and to a certain extent South Africa, there still exists that "Frontier" mentality. Shooting and fishing are part of those countries way of life.

    Many of the White Afrikaans speakers (Boers) of South and Southern Africa still beleive in the concept of the Bible on one hand and a rifle in the other. "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition" as it were.

    You find many communities in the USA with the same philosophy, and far from seeming bad, they have in my own experience been some of the most hospitable and friendly people in the world. But don't interfere with their way of life. From being the greatest of friends they will become your most deadly enemy.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Ron, I can understand your sentiments about the USA, for example. But if people can go from being the greatest of friends to your most deadly enemy - were they your friends in the first place?
    You mentioned in another thread how when you returned back to the UK you were verbally threatened by some Brummies because you were, as they thought, in their peg. It's just as well you didn't go to live in the redneck part of the USA, you'd probably have had a gun or crossbow aimed at you instead of a few insults....and no, I'm not anti-USA....

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    Ron Clay Guest


    You have a point Stewart,
    I have on many occasions stayed as a guest on farms in the Free State and Northern Provinces of South Africa - The heartlands of Boer Nationalism. I do speak from personal experience.

    If you really wish to insult an ultra right wing Afrikaner, you criticise his religion, way of life and language.

    You will get short shrift indeed!!

    On the other hand I have met many Afrikaners who have been the epitome of liberalism. Some of the greatest anti-apartheid fighters have been white Afrikaans speaking people.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    I am a little confused here....Wal-Mart took over ASDA...correct....and that is why my local ASDA has its shelves stocked full of fishing gear!!!..Well..bait..anyway )

    What happened to Woolworths stocking tackle. My first closed face reel came from Wollworths and i used to pick up wee lures and hooks from there all the time.

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    steve watson Guest


    you do all realise Walmart have put a lot of local businesses against the wall.Tackle dealers,clothes shops etc ,Downtowns dont exist any more because of the Walmarts etc.They have even started selling drugs now with there own chemists.People just cant compete with the cut price goods ,maybe from sweatshops?Fishing gears ok but not brilliant.On the other hand all the people that became unemployed from the competition can now be employed by walmart.

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