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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Twelve month conditional discharge and 55 costs for moving 800lb of carp - I'm sure that is not a deterrent to many. OK, I'm not suggesting we hang, draw and quarter people. But I'm sure that many involved in this sort of thing see penalties like that as worth taking the risk for.
    I think the problem is, that whilst we as responsible anglers, see the harm that can be done by transferring fish, to the average man in the street, there's no big deal. Probably even some Magistrates, think to themselves sometimes, 'what's this case doing here, just a few fish, what's the harm in that?'

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Well, when u think of how many Redmire fish went walkies, how many of the Yately fish swapped lakes etc etc, all moved by some very big names in Carping, it is hardly supprising that people make money from it.

    People want BIG fish, and quite frankly, Joe Bloggs does not care where it came from, as long as it is BIG! With this attitude, fish rustling will always go on. U had better watch your Barbel Stewart...ohhh..too late, River Seven Barbel are swimming in the Clyde!!!

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Bizarrely enough, a pike angler got fined several hundred quid for moving a few livebaits a couple of months ago - these guys move 800lb of carp and get a CD.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Chris, I think you'd better clarify that last statement about moving fish around and getting a cd....I've just seen Brummie Williams driving around Sedgley in his van, with a tank of barbel in the back...when I asked him why he was doing that, he said he's after the Dean Martin collection......hahahahaha.....

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Conditional discharge Stew - not a compact disc...

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Brummie is quiet...maybe the police got him after all...if they come to my house and say...'hello, hello, hello, have you ever seen this man?'...I'll say 'No, officer, I've never seen him in my life, but he does look like a shady character. If I was you officer, I'd lock him up and throw away the key'....hahahahahaha

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Just got back......had a load of barbel to drop into a small local lake just off the A449 at Himley!!!!
    Joking aside though the point that Chris mentions about the pike angler makes you realise just what a joke it all is!!!!
    On another slant though.....there are many many waters up and down the country that have had a hand with stocking from time to time, but are we all hypocites? how many of us bother to find out where that 20lb carp came from? many midland pools had stockings with baby carp of very famous parents......allegedly!!!!!!!!

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