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    Coops Guest


    I broke my Fox barbel plus avon top a few weeks ago. I have a replacement now, but seeing as I broke the old one about 14 inches from the top I thought I might splice in a fibreglass quiver tip that's a bit softer than the 5oz carbon tip that comes with the standard quiver section.

    Does anyone know where I can get a length of fibreglass to splice in?

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    Mel Crighton Guest


    Boot Fairs and Flea markets, picked up a few old rod from these places in the past, for just the same reason.

    Hope it helps Mel.

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    Coops hi ,if your local tackle shop carn't help then what you could do is look in the
    local cheep shops/woolworths ect for one of those paphetic fishing kits that sell for around 6 as these are fibreglass and the top section should be ok to use (throw the rest in the bin)strip of the eyes and give it a light sanding to take the shine of the surface then drop it down the inside of your rods blank and pull hand tight only and mark were it meets the cut of end of rod (you should of by now cut and
    chamford the end)then push the quivertip
    back down and out find the mark and cut off
    2-3 inches below this .then re-incert your
    new quiver section (dont glue it!!)and pull
    it tight into position then whip over the join this will be strong enougth to hold it
    and if you should ever snap it again then its a easy job to replace.arildite on a tip ring and superglue on the intermeidates
    lining them up with the rods other rings and whip them on then paint it white (hi-gloss)2-3 coats and a final lacquar coat .
    it should have a test curve of about 2-3oz.

    i hope this is of some help
    Chavender Floats
    I try to be funny... but sometimes I merely look it! Steve

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    You might want to sedn an Email to Hopkins and Holloway.

    They have a site

    Although not mentioned on there, I'm almost certain that they used to sell FG donkey tops that might be suitable. What will it cost you to ask?

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    tom riordan Guest


    I have found a site that sells spare quiver tips here
    although judging from the picture they look like a put over fit rather than an insert type. I like chavenders repair description though, I have copied it to file for future reference as I have already bust two tips off my jw quiver so I will be due a new set soon.

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    John Howard Guest


    I would use hot melt glue for the tip ring, as its easier to remove and salvage the ring for further use. Rather than superglue, shrink tubing would do the job on the other rings.

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    Stuart Harvey Guest



    scroll down to the rod tips section

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    Stuart Harvey Guest



    for instructions on re-whipping eyes

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    Budgie Burgess Guest

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    Coops Guest


    Thanks everyone, blackcatbaits seem to have what I want and Budgie and Chavender the building tips. FM reliable as ever. Cheers.

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