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Thread: Yellow Line ?

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    Been watching a bit of TV and I have seen Mr Matt Hayes fishing with yellow line on more than one occasion, anyone got any ideas what make / brand it is ?


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    John Howard Guest


    His own.... T.F.G I think its "grunt" braid

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    I have used yellow line in the past, mainly for Large Mouth Bass fishing. It was Stren. It helped you see the takes.

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    TFG also do a marker braid in yellow,think its called banana braid might of been that he was using

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    Laurie Harper Guest


    I'v got some yellow Berkely braid on a centrepin that I use for trotting long distances for chub/barbel. It's very easy to see and lifts off the surface very swiftly when you strike. I use a long hooklength of conventional mono, attached just beneath the float by a micro swivel, to avoid any chance of spooking fish. Works well.

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    Cheers chaps, all I have to do now is find someone who stocks it !!!

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    Fred Bonney Guest



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    jason fisher Guest


    i can see the point of brightly coloured line in sea fishing where the fish haven't been caught before but it will be a complete waste of time in coarse fishing.
    all those line shy fish will get out of the river and run off across the field screaming as soon as they see it.

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    Ian Whittaker 1 Guest


    Gotta disagree on that one Jason.
    I use 8lb yellow stren for winching livies and happily use the same spool fishing for tench and bream etc whilst waiting for the witching hour.The colour doesn't seem to worry the fish.

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    I just liked the look of it, but I will give it a go for trotting and use the long hooklink method, cheers Laurie

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