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Thread: Nice articles

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    jason fisher Guest



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    jason fisher Guest


    or creel

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    reading this article reminded me that i shouldnt feel like an outcast for not feeling the urge to take my fishing up a level and just enjoying it for what it is.dont get me wrong i always feel there is room for improvement which is sometimes provided by magazines but there is always the tendancy to over complicate things and to neglect what i get from fishing which is a relaxing day away from the office stresses and strains.

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    I am sure that a few of you will remember Angling Times in the 50s and 60s as well as the early green pages of Anglers Mail, and Anglers World and even Angling Telegraph.

    In those days, apart from the regular columns of Dick Walker and Bernard Venables, the weekly nationals were written mainly by unsolicited freelance authors. Names that come to mind are Peter Stone, Arthur Oglesby, Tag Barnes, Jim Wheat, Eric J Taylor and many others. I myself also did regular features and centre spreads.

    These were the halcyon days of angling journalism. The articles then contained truly vibrant writing, so different from today's cold clinical "how to do it" approach that seems to plug brands of tackle and promote the same old names week in week out.

    It was explained to me some time ago that the young anglers of today are not taught creative English and writing at school any more. Therefore they would not be able to understand well written and descriptive prose.

    The language of the nasty tabloids and the football terraces is all people understand today.

    I guess that's why AT and AM are now produced that way.

    What a great shame.

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    I can fondly remember articles in either the AT or AM from my youth.It was Tom Williams?? and he wrote about his river,the Avon.Age creeping up but the memories linger on.

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    Frothey Guest


    he did a book called "a river for all seasons" it hiding away somewhere..

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    Peter (the Tackle Tart) Jacobs Guest



    I tried for a long time to find a copy of Tom Williams'- A river for all seasons.

    Courtesy of my friend Nigel I now have one which has neen read and re-read about 10 times this year.

    Tom has a most interesting chapter on a professional river keeper's opinion on keeping the lcose season on rivers, and I would urge everyone to read at least that chapter.

    The articles by TW were absolutely terrific and I well remember turning to his page before reading anything else.

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    We sat and watched that Tom Williams video Peter with a glass of vintage port.

    Both the video and the port were of excellent vintage.

    One thing I cannot tolerate are those articles, generally done by a white capped purple jump suited gentleman, in the present tense.

    "I am now attaching an extra joint to my 16 foot 4000.00 megapole as the carp is stretching out my number 8 elastic"


    Modern editors seem totally unaware how boring this sort of dross is.

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    Peter (the Tackle Tart) Jacobs Guest


    That's right we did Ron back last Septemeber.

    Its about time that you ventured south again - how about a couple of days in early November?

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    I'll see how it pans out Peter. It looks like I will have to go to New England at about that time.

    Couldn't we have a little longer than 2 days?

    I never minded driving 1000 miles for 2 days in a 1st world country, but in 3rd world England....... (

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